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Kennel Dexterity

Ami & Jonatan

Small scale breeding of German pinscher. We live just outside Gothenburg near Landvetter Airport, Sweden.  We spend a lot of time training and competing, mainly in agility but also blood tracking, obidience, canicross, rally obidience and of course some dog shows when we have the time. We live in a house with a huge garden and our own agility  course, it truly is our own paradise. We have a great believe in positive reinforcement and that all training should be fun and built on a good relationship between owner and dog. We are members of the Swedish kennel club as well as the Swedish German pinscher club "Pinschersektionen".

We also love spending time in Italy and ofcourse we take the dogs with us.

The german pinscher

The german pinscher is a mid sized dog around 14-20 kg and a height around 45-50 cm. It comes in various shades of red or black and tan. It is a curious, energetic and goofy breed that demands respect and trust to cooperate and feel at peace. You need a lot of humor and appriciation for a dog who is indipendent and always very keen to solve their own problems such as bring a pillow down when the rug is not comfy enough. If you do not entertain your GP it will certanly entertain itself. They have a big personality and will make you laugh a lot!

It is important that a young GP not only learns how to play and stay focused but learns how to relax and be comfortable with being left home alone. It needs to be educated in social and environment skills and it is also very important that the young GP get a safe space where it can rest and recover when it gets tierd. 

Planned puppies

We are planning a litter for autumn 2020 between CH Lilla Enebys Legolas and CH Elizabeth AiJa II Set Bohemicus. More information will come later on but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Export / import

We imported a super nice red girl from Chech Republic 2018 and was fortunate enough to bring her home in our own plane, that made for a much easier trip and we were back in Sweden in under 3 hours, the puppy slept the whole way. This kind of transport is something we also can arrange when exporting a puppy in Europe, feel free to contact us for more information about cost and other details regarding export. 


Ami & Jonatan Tingström
Guldvingevägen 6
438 92 Härryda



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